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Ambalare sandwich-uri


The sandwich is one of the most popular dishes, but few know how it appeared and from where the name comes from. In the first century. AD., the combination of crushed nuts and apples, spices and wine, put between wafers, was the basic food of jewish that built Egyptian cities.
Then, in the medieval period, slices of bread were used as plates, over which pieces of meat were put.

Legend says that lord John Montagu, the fourth Count of Sandwich, former Supreme Commander of the Royal British Navy and passionate cardplayer, asked to be brought to the table “a piece of beef, little salted, between two slices of bread”, so that the fat to not stick to hands.
“The cuts of hot meat” kept the name of Lord, not because he had invented this dish, but rather because the popularity among count friends, which began to order “give me like you gave to Sandwich!”.

Over time, the sandwich has become a dish easy to prepare and for take away, the sandwich types of today being extremely varied, for all tastes.


Delhaize Group is one of the largest retail chains in the world and is present on the Romanian market through Mega Image supermarkets. Consistent with the principles of quality and freshness, Mega Image has developed over the years a number of private labels, designed to meet the varied tastes and budgets, in collaboration with local manufacturers.

365 is Mega Image’s own brand that ensures quality and beneficial savings for everyday purchases. Sandwiches are part of this category, and their locally production ensures affordable price – this being the common point of the 190 of 365 brand product.


TIP TOP is a local producer, known mainly due to pastry shops present in Bucharest and other cities. For food safety Mega Image is one of the main criteria in choosing suppliers, TIP TOP being selected to produce sandwiches 365 brand packed based on a rigorous process.

Whether if they are sandwiches with ham and cheese with salad and chicken or Banatean meat and cheese, their production meet the criteria of quality and safety required by Mega Image.
This is possible due to extensive investment to develop a modern production facility equipped with innovative equipment and technologies.

Controlled atmosphere packaging with nitrogen is the modern solution to the current requirements of manufacturers and retailers concerned with providing a shopping experience that does not exclude quality. 365 brand offers affordable products covering the daily needs.

NitroFilĀ® nitrogen generator
Equipment and technology investment
365 days / year
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365 days per year the NitroFilĀ® generator supports the constant efforts of manufacturers who care about quality guarantee.

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