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Food packaging

François de La Rochefoucauld

“Eating is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

Seventeenth-century French essayist, La Rochefoucauld was historic because of its famous peaks, considered pure wisdom.
Eating smart is most likely a different connotation today from the era in which La Rochefoucauld made this maxim.

Time allocated for the dinner, but especially the time required for preparation of food is conditioned by many other activities.
“Art” to prepare a healthy and nutritional meal, in nowadays rhythm, depends on suppliers and food producers.



TIP TOP is recognized especially  through the chain of bakeries with the same name, but the expansion to the area of food production represented a sustainable development. TIP TOP became a provider for Mega IMAGE network own brand products.
365 sandwiches are produced to respect Safety Quality and safety criteria imposed by the concern DELHAIZE Group, owner of Mega Image.

ASandwich packaging is done in a controlled atmosphere with nitrogen sites with local NitroFil® supplied generator.

Expanding production capacity meant widening the area of distribution and a richer offer (different types of salads and prepared meals).
NitroFil® generator upgrade came as a natural consequence, in order to support development efforts.

Beneficii NitroFil®
Modular expansion
5 times more nitrogen generated in the same structure
Remote control
Software upgrade and monitoring remotly the parameters
Warranty extension together with capacity

TIP TOP delivers various products to major retailers for a shopping experience that does not exclude quality.

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