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Use the questions below when looking for solutions to your specific problems. Put all the necessary questions.

The more you are informed about the benefits of one technology or another, the more you will be more confident in choosing.

Why should I change the nitrogen source?

Begin with assessing the cost you have with the supply of nitrogen in bottles or in liquid form.

Consider how efficient is the nitrogen source used: Do you control the price of the consumed nitrogen? Do you pay the spent nitrogen or what is delivered to you?

How big is the impact of transport and rent on the value of the nitrogen bill? Do you have security in exploitation and handling?

In the context of market conditions, where cost-cutting pressure is increasing, think about whether traditional sources (bottles or liquid nitrogen) will help you become more efficient and more productive.

Nitrogen generators successfully replace traditional sources and provide cost savings on average by 50% (the reduction may be even higher depending on the consumption pattern).

Is the nitrogen generated on-site suitable for my application?

If you use nitrogen in processes of inerting, transfer of various substances, purging, food packaging, laser cutting or other nitrogen applications, you should consider the compressed air used in the plant as the possible source of nitrogen generation on site.

It is a viable and efficient option that will help you to save considerable resources and will control the consumption of nitrogen. Nitrogen is, next to compressed air, one of the most used utilities in a production process.

Companies that choose to become their own nitrogen supplier generate as much or as little nitrogen as possible, at half the price of nitrogen in bottles or in liquid form (depending on consumption pattern, reductions can reach 90%).

How do I choose the nitrogen generating technology?

The choice of technology depends to a large extent on the application of the nitrogen and the characteristics of the process in which the nitrogen generator is integrated.

From an economic point of view, membrane technology is a more cost-effective solution in most applications.

From a technical point of view, the permeable membrane allows the installation of a compact generator with few moving parts and few mechanical adjustments, operating at low pressure, with low maintenance costs.

PSA technology implies a number of constraints, but it has the advantage of a viable solution in cases where the combination of nitrogen consumption and purity required by the process justifies it.
The choice of technology is always based on the specificity of the process in which nitrogen is used.

By adapting the functional parameters to the particularities of your application, we guarantee the performance of Parker’s technology – efficiency and reliability.

Why install a nitrogen generator?

By installing a generator, you become your own nitrogen supplier with total and effective control over nitrogen costs:

  • The generator is a continuous source that produces nitrogen in purity, in the amount and flow required for consumption without any additional expense
  • Has minimal maintenance
  • Operating cost = the cost of compressed air production
  • Without manipulation of dangerous bottles, no extra fees and charges, no hidden costs!

Can I use my current air compressor to generate nitrogen on-site?

In most cases, yes. The generators supply nitrogen at the compressed air supply pressure (4 ÷ 15 bar), less the pressure drops (maximum 1 bar).

The nitrogen generator is dimensioned and integrated into the process according to your application’s particularities, with all the parameters involved being evaluated, including those of the compressed air compressor.

Are nitrogen generators hard to install and maintain?

No. Generators based on permeable membrane technology are installed in approx. 30 minutes.

Place the generator in the desired position, make connections to the compressed air compressor, make the start settings and begin generating nitrogen.
Also, due to the fact that they have few moving parts, the generators are practically “maintenance free” equipment: they require only the annual replacement of the air filters.

Generators with PSA technology have an important weight, especially at high capacities. Being a cyclical process with moving valves, the cost of maintenance is higher than for membrane generators.

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If the nitrogen consumption increases, will I have to buy another generator?

Generators with Parker technology are compact, flexible and modular installations.

The nitrogen generating capacity is increased by adding more modules, the generators structure allows the extension without changing the initial structure.

Can I test a generator in my application?

Sure. The integration of the nitrogen generator into the process is done by adapting the generator’s functional parameters to the specifics of your application. Confirmation of these parameters (flow, purity, pressure, etc.) is done by testing under real conditions.

A state-of-the-art NitroFil® nitrogen generator is permanently available for programming-based tests. Testing in your specific conditions has several important advantages:

  • The optimal cost for fitting into process-specific nominal parameters is determined;
  • Flexibility – you can test purity, different debits;
  • Mobility – easy to transport, can be installed on different machines within the same production line; Thus, determining the specific needs of each machine;
  • Data interpretation is an important control tool in substantiating the economic calculation.

Can I use the same nitrogen generator in many other applications?

Of course, with the condition that the compressed air needs to be enough for many applications.

The nitrogen generator is dimensioned taking into account the characteristics of all applications where you use nitrogen.

The integration of the generator into the production process is done by adapting the functional parameters to the particularities of each nitrogen application.

The food industry nitrogen produced by the generator can be certified?

The European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA) has defined the nitrogen used in food packaging as a “food additive”.

Gases used as food additive for packaging require EU approval and have a specific name (E941 for nitrogen).

The European Union establishes a minimum purity standard for gases that are used as food additives.

In addition to the purity standard set out in this regulation, minimum specifications for gases are always published by the JECFA (Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives) and the applications in medicine in the European Pharmacopoeia.

Nitrogen generators with Parker technology have been independently tested and the quality of the supplied nitrogen has exceeded the EIGA requirements.

Which type of compressed air is needed to generate nitrogen locally?

The characteristics of compressed air at the generator entry are as follows:

  • pressure 4 ÷ 15 bar
  • temperature 5 ÷ 50 ° C
  • filtration quality according to the table below:
Technology Particle Oil Water
Membrane  <1 micron <3mg/m³ <5°C pdp
PSA <0.01 micron  0.01mg/m³ -40°C pdp

For the correct supply of nitrogen generators, we offer a full range of driers and filters.

Why would a nitrogen generator be an advantage for me?

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What does integration of a generator mean in the production process?

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What do we expect from a compressed air and nitrogen audit?

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