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Compressed air conditioner

Diagnoscitur Bene Bene Curaturi

Few of us remember with pleasure the first visit to the dentist. Most of people recall a state of anxiety, or even trauma.
Fortunately, modern technology rush  manages to change also the experiences of a dental office.

Bene diagnoscitur, Bene curatur – Proper diagnosis, optimal treatment – is the aspiration of every doctor of any medical branch.

In dental medicine this goal it is supported also by medical equipment, which significantly contribute to a sustainable treatment.
It is believed that dentistry advances in technology as fast as existing telephony or IT industry.
For patients, the combination of modern technology & dedicated medical professionals can not be otherwise than beneficial.


Victoria Dental Clinic was founded in 2013 and is defined as a complete and complex dental system, supported by:

  • the latest technology;
  • specialists in all branches of dentistry;
  • new social concept, adressed to the patient that understands the efficiency and performance of an unitary system.

Whatever the domain, a system is effective and efficient if all the elements that support the operation are integrated to serve the same purpose, in this case – optimal treatment and patient satisfaction.

NitroFil® Air was installed and integrated to support the same objective: medical treatment done with care and dedication.
Generates, conditions and monitors compressed air quality necessary to the medical equipment.

Air NitroFil® means increased efficiency, less service, remote monitoring equipment, cost savings.

Antreprenor, Policlinica Stomatologica VICTORIA

Allows the integration of additional equipment
Remote control
Identifies the behavior of other equipment and adapts the process via internet
Monitoring and diagnostic of functional parameters

Pitesti and Ramnicu Valcea are so far the two headquarters opened by the Victoria clinic.
Each location benefits from NitroFil Air® contribution.

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