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Packaging bakery products


Consistent with the desire to monitor the installed nitrogen generators performance over time, we present the following impressions shared by the company PANEUROGAL – domestic producer of confectionery and bakery.

Established in 1994, the company was concerned from the outset to give life to some products made by consumer’s taste. Thus, confectionery and bakery recipes contain ingredients of the highest quality, carefully selected.

Following the continuous improvement of product quality, plant modernization and refurbishment included the installation of a nitrogen generator in ModiPack® system. ModiPack® generators allow controlled atmosphere packaging with nitrogen to remove oxygen from the packaging to maintain freshness and product-specific flavors.


The installed ModiPack® system produces 6Nm3 / h, the functional parameters are monitored continuously and touch-screen interface with menus in Romanian language ensure easy operation. It is modular and allows the increase of nitrogen production with the expansion of production in Paneurogal factory.
Nitrogen is generated at adjustable purity, with a reduced cost that allows typical payback in less than one year.

The ModiPack® nitrogen generator allowed the removal of oxidation phenomenon and as a result the shelf life increased from 45 days to 180 days. Benefits after installing the system are that we can work on stock, thus obtaining a better efficiency of the production process. In terms of execution and the used technology we can say that it is a machine very well thought out, very well developed and can be used in many other applications than ours.

Ciprian BLĂNARIU – Administrative Director, PANIBU

Business growth by extending shelf life
Monitoring the process
Continuous nitrogen source, without interruption


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