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Upgrade – Azot Station

The environment

Aircraft noise and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are sources of costs and operational restrictions in many airports in the world.
“Continuous Descend Approach” is a landing procedure designed to address these very issues.

In 2009, the joint efforts of the European airline industry has led to the launch of the European Joint Industry CDA Action Plan.
The plan aims at implementing and optimizing this technique as many flights and airports as possible.

CDA landing path requires constant descent from cruising altitude, from classical altitude stepwise approach and the benefits are significant:

  • reduces fuel burn and emissions associated with glide path;
  • reduce noise with a direct impact on communities around airports.


"We think GREEN to preserve BLUE SKY"

Under this motto, TAROM is among CDA project supporters, and in the pilot phase of this program Airbus A318 aircraft was involved.
The results analyzed in collaboration with AIRBUS and Research Center for Aviation and Environment UK showed a reduction in emissions to 350 kg CO2 per flight. – source.

Better for the environment means also the NitroFilĀ® nitrogen generator, which eliminates the need for nitrogen transport (pressure cylinders or liquid nitrogen).
Nitrogen station inside TAROM was modernized with Parker permeable membrane technology.
In 2016, TAROM technicians decided to upgrade the generator to meet current production and efficiency requirements.

Internet monitoring, automation and modern control
Cost Savings
Low air consumption
Improved design, very easy service

The listed advantages come from comparing the two NitroFilĀ® generations that we used.

Ground Support Equipment Manager TAROM
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