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NitroFil® nitrogen generator is an industrial design solution for operational and financial efficiency.

It saves more than it costs!


PARKER  produces one of the most advanced technologies for generating nitrogen: permeable membrane, based on micro-fiber.

Their walls allow selective passing of the oxygen, the module collecting the final product. A membrane module consists of a bundle of thousands of fibers which are embedded in a metal tube.

Parker’s technology is patented and technical performances have continuously improved:

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NitroFil® is top of the range and differentiates itself through digital management system and integrated IoT (Internet of Things) services that provides:

  • automated monitoring and real time control;
  • online visibility on the performance of the process;
  • predictive maintenance actions.

Provides basic benefits:

  • continuous source of nitrogen at variable purities and flow;
  • simple operation and low maintenance;
  • modular – extended capacity only by adding additional modules.
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The extent to which NitroFil® fits in your specific application and process means to us flexibility and innovation.

We have the experience and courage to offer you solutions where apparently they no longer exist.

Know-how and expertise are our most precious resources.

We are concerned to continuously accumulate specialized knowledge, in order that the proposed solution to be effective and sustainable on the long term.

Your advantages:

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The loss of compressed air = wasted money!


“The compressed air system can  be always more efficient, inclusive in the new production lines”
Compressed Air and Gas Institute

Indeed, the dynamics of the compressed air system and nitrogen can wreak the entire production process.

Compressed air is one of the four utilities used in an industrial process, after water, electricity and gas.

Energy efficiency is directly influenced by the balance and performance of the entire compressed air system.


The energy audit is the first step in identifying losses sources.

In the simplest approach, it is about a visual check, which does not require measuring and control equipment.

Filters are summary checked, compressed air network, leaks, but without quantifying the material/operational impact and especially financial impact in the production process.

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Energy audit services cover more areas of production and include:

compressed air / nitrogen measurements: careful analysis of the production system, distribution and use for a period of not less than seven working days, including a weekend, in order to identify energy costs and possible sources of savings. Gathering information and testing is done without interrupting production.

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“Only 15% of maintenance are predictive activities, compared to 40% reactive and 45% preventive!” Roland Berger Strategy Consultants


The importance of industrial services will increase more and more.

Companies will require more than the equipment itself.

The difference will be made by those able to provide proactive services, which can anticipate the needs of beneficiaries as suppliers, with focus on the end consumer.

In practice, maintenance is divided into three categories:

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IoT industrial services identify vital aspects from the process, anticipates and solves possible errors. By planning early interventions you get:

  • more visibility on the performance of the process – information gathered from multiple sources offer predictions about the behavior of the equipment, more exactly when a component will fail;
  • revenue by managing the performance of an equipment – collected and analyzed data are translated into actions to reduce costs and operational risks;
  • in the chain of creation of added value, the role of production will increase.
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In many companies maintenance is still an activity that is predominantly executed by technicians who consider that technologies are not able to better identify equipment errors.

Resistance to change and inertia to adaptation are natural, in some way.
Managers willing to address the integration of an equipment from the perspective of IoT will leverage these advantages quickly.

IoT services are information management solutions, with direct impact on the operational and financial costs of the production process.

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