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Performance with purpose

Performance with purpose


Performance with purpose – is the promise of PepsiCo, through which the company aims to build a portfolio of drinks and  food good and healthy and to find innovative ways to reduce energy, water and packaging.


In January 2014 the price of electricity for industrial consumers was 100% liberalized.
The compressed air and nitrogen system is a utility with a significant share in the production process at the Star Foods factory, PepsiCo Snacks division.
Faithful to the promise to achieve the performance with purpose, Star Foods started at the beginning of 2014 a modernization project to improve operational and financial performance.


Energy consumption optimization project, the modernization process aimed the reducing of compressed air and nitrogen energy cost / m³ .
Optimization solution is constructed using integrated controllers to manage the entire air / nitrogen production system, distribution and consumption.

Process optimization is achieved by:

  • reduction and mentaining the working pressure in the system – losses are reduced, also the amount of air consumed, and the improper use of compressed air (ie. air guns inappropriate used in the trial);
  • integrated monitoring of the equipment that are serving compressed air and nitrogen network: air compressors, nitrogen generators, drying and ambient temperature monitoring for the security of the process;
  • remote monitoring – monitoring the process remotely. The controllers operate as web – data servers that allow online monitoring of functional parameters and immediately identify functional problems;
  • process information display through graphs and control panels that allow viewing of process parameters in real time. Information collected and stored are reference data for analysis and continuous improvement of the process (historical data enables improved performance).
200 MWh / year
Energy savings
1 bar
Low air pressure reduced with more than 1 bar
Decrease energy consumption on compressors

“The solution implemented at Star Foods factory was chosen because of technical expertise and service quality which incorporated advanced technology in order to collect and manage data, the competition can only offer partial solutions.”

Technical Leader & Packaging RET PepsiCo – Star Foods
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