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Inerting LPG Tanks


Natural gas is the most popular fuel used worldwide and their distribution is done through pipelines.
However, if you live in a more isolated area or if you need gas in the middle of the ocean, access to this network is impossible.

LPG or liquefied petroleum gas was produced in 1910 by chemist Dr. Walter Snelling, and in 1912 began its marketing. It is a flammable mixture of propane and butane, two types of oil (various combinations of hydrogen and carbon atoms).

LPG is used compressed under pressure, stored in tanks or cylinders, depending on the use. It is used as a source of domestic energy in areas that can not access the natural gas networks, but also in many industrial applications.
Also LPG is used widely in the automotive industry, due to the price (much lower than any other fuel). In addition, GPL is considered a clean energy source and secure with both octane, and high tensile strength.


LPG terminal in Mangalia, operated by Callatis Gas, was built to serve consumer needs in Southeastern Europe.
Imported gas is unloaded from ships LPG, stored in storage tanks and transfer tanks to be transported to the destination user.

Being a flammable substance, hazards associated with the handling of LPG are top priority.
To ensure the safety of operations, Callatis Gas has invested in a solution with nitrogen purging and inerting of LPG storage tanks.
Nitrogen is localy supplied by NitroFil® generator and the main inerting stages of the project include:

  • replacement of instrumental air with instrumental nitrogen, for the pneumatic handling;
  • compressed air artery cleaning (blowing with nitrogen);
  • Nitrogen purging and inerting for each reservoir (400 Nm³ individual capacity).
Advantages of NitroFil®
No danger of fire and explosion
No condensation and corrosion
Thanks to the dew point of the nitrogen provided by the instrument
Cloud monitoring of the process parameters

NitroFil® provides nitrogen on demand, without interruption, and ensures a stable and controlled process.

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