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Expansion capacity – Inerting explosive precursors


Alfred Nobel is known, especially because of the prizes that bear his name.
Less well known is that he invented dynamite in 1867, and the following year he patented other explosive substances.

The invention of dynamite was the starting point for developing an armament business, both military and civilian.

One of the heirs is the company MAXAM, descendant of “Sociedad Anonima Española de la Dinamita”, today a leading manufacturer of explosives for civil use and initiation systems for mining, quarrying and infrastructure projects.

The present situation

MAXAM Romania is the only producer of explosives in the country, and Victoria, Brasov County factory,  is exporting to Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Its production involves the use of MMA explosives – monomethyl, a highly explosive substance.
MMA storage vessels are continuously inerted with nitrogen and production in Victoria benefits from the advantages of NitroFil® generator few years.

Together with the increasing of the demand and the expanding of the production capacity, it also increased the demand for nitrogen.
The solution chosen by MAXAM was to install a second NitroFil® generator to provide nitrogen to the processes and different consumers in the production chain.

Fully automated activity
Indicators for preventive maintenance
Process control
Remote Monitoring (Internet)

NitroFil® generates nitrogen continuously, at variable purity and offers the best quality – price!

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