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The inert enclosure


We create innovative medical devices for helping people and for supporting them.
We address first patients, whose trust in the medical system we want to increase because we believe that only in this way we can increase the quality of care and satisfaction of the parties.”

The statement belongs to the company BIOSINTEX, Romanian manufacturer of surgical materials: resorbable and non-resorbable sutures, surgical meshes and others.

Founded by a family of doctors with the desire to contribute to human health, BIOSINTEX products are used by surgeons in Romania, but also in Africa, Latin America and Europe.

To compete internationally, the quality criteria of the production process comply with both Farmacopeea requirements (for raw materials), as well as international ISO quality standards from healthcare field.



The production process involves mainly “clean rooms”, meaning areas with a controlled environment according to the standards of medical device manufacturers, and quality control takes place along the entire technological process.

Part of the production is the “glove box”, a transparent chamber where measurement, testing and experimentation of raw materials and other materials are made in a controlled environment. Glove box is an inert atmosphere, and the humidity inside the room is essential to ensure testing under the same conditions.

“Glove box” transparent chamber is purged with nitrogen NitroFil® generator, and the sensor placed in the chamber continuously monitors the humidity level.

Get the low humidity in the glovebox in a much shorter time

Cost Savings
Price / m3 nitrogen far less than the nitrogen price / m3 in cylinders
We do not handle cylinders: We removed a risk and saved time and fuel

For the offered services – 10 grade for promptness and speed of response in solving problems.

General Manager
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