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Packaging of oil products


In the food industry, freshness determines quality and lifetime on the shelf. The presence of oxygen in a package allows the development of bacteria and the fattening of fats, thus reducing the quality of the food and shortening the life span.

ORLANDO’S – one of the largest local distributors of spices, oilseeds and dried fruits – chose Parker’s nitrogen-generating technology – ModiPack® – to pack its products into a controlled atmosphere.

Nitrogen is used by Orlando’s to remove oxygen from the packaging to maintain freshness and product-specific flavors. The company initially used nitrogen bottles, but with the increase in production and the change in consumption patterns, the situations where nitrogen is “ending” have become frequent.


The costs associated with interruptions in the production process have proven to be significant, both in terms of nitrogen expenditure and in terms of delays in deliveries to customers.
In order to ensure a continuous flow of nitrogen in the production process, Orlando’s company chose a ModiPack® nitrogen-generating nitrogen system, both during the day and during the night.

Thus, during the operation of the factory, the ModiPack® system generates nitrogen directly to packing machines, and during the plant’s stationary phase, the nitrogen generated is stored at high pressure in extensible storage cylinders that allow taking daytime peak consumption.

Depreciation of the investment in less than one year, simple operation and low maintenance were factors in choosing the ModiPack® system.
In addition, generator automation allows digital monitoring of functional parameters, and the data provided allows a detailed analysis of the nitrogen packing process and implicitly an efficient control of production costs.

Continuous nitrogen source
1 year
Return of investment
Monitor functional parameters

ModiPack® systems are developed to generate continuous food nitrogen only by connecting to the compressed air source.

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