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Without chemical preservatives or pesticides!

Food storage before trading significantly affects their quality at the time of consumption.

During storage, the food deteriorates depending on storage conditions, because the action of external agents, air, water, heat, bacteria, pests. The effects are very visible in the case of vegetables and fruits.

Degradation of foods can not be prevented, but can be slowed down very much by changing the storage conditions of temperature, moisture, composition of the atmosphere in the warehouse.

Storage in controlled atmosphere is a technique that slows the loss of product quality after harvesting, and is a natural and economical alternative to chemical preservatives and pesticides.
It has great potential to reduce post-harvest losses and to maintain nutritional and market values (keeps the nutrients and the fresh appearance).

Economic solution
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Prevention of products degradation is the reason for using nitrogen in the food industry: nitrogen replaces the oxygen and slows the process of oxidation.

The application SmartStock reduces the oxygen content of a refrigerated warehouse and slows down the degradation of the stored food, through introduction of the high concentration of nitrogen in the storage room.

Room temperature, oxygen concentration, humidity and RH are monitored and controlled automatically, and the system ensures maintenance of favorable weather throughout the duration of storage.

Why use SmartStock?
  • Increase the shelf life of food
  • Continuously monitor the storage parameters
  • Provides efficient storage of the stored products
  • May extend the system with increasing deposit – economic solution
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