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Nitrogen generators – selection versus integration


Selection and integration of a generator in the production process are two different things. Election or selection can be done by anyone with access to a brochure with technical specifications of the equipment.

But integration process involves a personalized approach – identifying application-specific particularities and maximize the opportunities of integration. This identification is made through an audit process.

Parker nitrogen generators are efficient and reliable technology when the solution is built with the objective of integration process. The audit evaluates the structure of air – source distribution channel and consumers.


Opportunities offered by the process and the limitations of the same conditions are the basis for the construction of functional design of the generator. Depending on the specific application, integrated nitrogen generator can successfully incorporate various equipment and services:

  • additional conditioning of compressed air through refrigeration and adsorption dryers – Parker Hiross is the division that assures drying for applications with  high consumption and high pressure. “Energy savings” is the benefit for which these dryers are
  • integrated into most applications;
  • Pressure amplifiers, compressors and air coolers (Parker Hiross chillers);
  • Monitoring the residual oxygen level and automatic calibration, monitoring the dew point of the moisture sensor;
  • Special connectors for the transport of compressed air and nitrogen – Parker Legris / Transair.

The advantage of customization is found in digital management system that allows real-time monitoring and control. Collection of such information as cloud computing and IoT services (Internet of Things) is associated with the next level of integration of a nitrogen generator:

  • provides more visibility on the performance of the process;
  • enables predictive maintenance actions;
  • supports the production process to become a source of competitive advantage.

Parker performance technologies and skills developed locally have allowed construction of industrial design solutions, able to save more than the cost.

Effective integration - various application
  • pharmaceutical industry – inerting granulator: NitroFil® generator, storage tank, Legris / Transair connecting, IoT services (reveal patterns of consumption, operational and financial losses, sources of savings and predictive analytics based its decision to extend the capacity);
  • food – controlled atmosphere packaging: NitroFil® generator with high pressure amplifier, Hiross dryer, monitoring residual oxygen, IoT services for process traceability (vital in this industry);
  • the nuclear industry – NitroFil® generator: purging sintering furnace with hydrogen, Hiross dryer, connecting Legris / Transair, IoT services for 24/7/365 tracking process (nuclear safety);
  • Plastic injection – NitroFil® generator with high pressure amplifier, IoT services (as evidenced by the consumption pattern, predictive analysis and actions to reduce operational costs);
  • oil industry – blanketing: NitroFil® generators, incorporated compressors.
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