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Packaging bakery products


Mini Feast is “the healthy, but delicious snack” offered by the bakery company LiDaS® in Tulcea county.
NitroFil® is a nitrogen generator that supports companies that want to reduce nitrogen costs by supporting long-term profitability.
Together, allow access to a healthy diet for any consumer of today.


LiDaS® is a bakery company started by brave entrepreneurs in 1993.
With its own production capacities – factory, mill, warehouses and laboratories – the company has developed over the years, becoming a leading manufacturer of bakery at the regional level.

Quality has grown steadily and has supported the developing of unique products on the Romanian market.

Mini Feast – pretzels with bran, cumin or cinnamon – are based on innovative recipes that combines natural and healthy ingredients. To preserve the nutritional benefits until consumption pretzels are packed in protective atmosphere with nitrogen.


The bakery is one of the most competitive sectors of the food industry.
Bakery passion and dedication to providing balanced recipes with natural ingredients have sustained over the time the extend of the offer.

The decision to install the NitroFil® generator came naturally after the experience of using nitrogen cylinders – economically and logistically inefficient solution because the costs associated with interruptions in the production process, and lack of control of the nitrogen spendings are important elements in the production economy.

NitroFil® generator testing in Mineri factory, Tulcea, finalized LiDaS® option. Developed to support long-term customer profitability, NitroFil® saves more than it costs and supports the efforts to streamline production.

Original recipes, fresh products
Right technology
Cost Savings


LiDaS® team dedication to create original recipes and some fresh, healthy and nutritional products is not a common approach.

Loyal customers assessments are a good proof of this.

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