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4 or more days on the shelf, guaranteed!

Rancidity, spoilage, damage – are the most common reasons for the fact that packaged products remain on the shelf or are returned. The cause?

Before reaching the consumer mass, food and drink go through several stages of processing. Thus, exposed to air (of which 20.9% is oxygen), an environment in which bacteria and mold grow easily, reducing the quality of the final product through oxidation.

Packaging in ModiPack® protective atmosphere provides a nitrogen controlled atmosphere in order to eliminate oxygen from the package, to maintain freshness and nutritional properties of food.

Inerting, purging, filling, dispensing and packaging in controlled atmosphere storage – are other use of nitrogen techniques in the food industry.

Whatever the application, the goal is the same: to prevent product degradation. Nitrogen replaces oxygen to which the product is exposed to, and slows the oxidation process.

Flavor and freshness
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Proper food: fruits and vegetables, pastry, dairy, meat and sausages, bakery, fish, wine, coffee and tea, cooked food, cheese, milk, fruit juices, nuts and dried fruits, spices, and so on.

Pharmaceutical – nitrogen prevents degradation of drugs in blister packs, boxes or bags, in solid, liquid, gel, paste or powder.

Cosmetics – packing soap, shampoo, perfumes, creams, makeup.

Why use ModiPack®?
  •  Reduces packaging costs – on average by 50% *, but can reach up to 90%, according to the type of consumption
  • Preserve the freshness, flavor and product properties
  • Increase shelf life by up to 4 times *
  • Increase sales opportunities to more remote areas
  • Provides protection when packing, regardless of packaging technique

* Compared to bottles of nitrogen or liquid nitrogen sources.

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