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Why would a nitrogen generator be to my advantage?


This is a constant question among our clients, and in the following we will detail this answer. Successful integration of a nitrogen generator into a production process depends, to a large extent, on the specificity of the application.

What does successful integration mean?

It is precisely the identification of your application’s particularities and the capitalization of the integration opportunities so that the investment is minimal and its recovery within a reasonable timeframe (typically in one year).

This identification is done through an audit process.

Nitrogen generation technology is based on compressed air, whether it’s permeable membrane or PSA.
The quality, quantity, distribution structure and compressed air consumers in a production process significantly influence the available air for the nitrogen generator.

Functional parameters of the generator are adapted to the distinct nature of your application as it will result from the evaluation (audit).

The major advantage of this process lies precisely in this individualized approach: the nitrogen generator exploits the opportunities offered by the compressed air production and distribution pattern, but at the same time respects the limitations imposed by the same structure: available air flow, load factor, Price / mĀ³ of product, etc.



Adaptation of functional parameters to application specificity = the key to efficient and cost-effective integration of a nitrogen generator.

This individualized approach guarantees a reliable operation, integrated into the energy and functional pattern of the production process.

Last but not least, a nitrogen generator according to the application in terms of industrial design represents a lower investment.
Most nitrogen generators of this type save more than they cost!

In the long run, this approach supports profitability by streamlining the costs of production and use of compressed air and nitrogen.


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