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What do we expect from a compressed air and nitrogen audit? – Part 2


Reducing energy costs is the main objective of a compressed air audit.
Improving the process and cost-effectiveness are just some of the benefits of such an audit.

Consumption pattern and air availability strongly influence the integration of the nitrogen generator in your application.
However, in order to obtain such results, an audit should cover all operating areas, namely the compressor and pump room, the storage and distribution system, and the consumers in the production process.

The quality of the analysis and the added value of the process are directly proportional to the effort and involvement of both parties – supplier and beneficiary in the auditing process.

According to an analysis of the American Energy Department, 50% of the compressed air consumption is wasted, and the largest share is the leaks.

Leak audits or system losses are done using ultrasonic detection technology. Although the identification and localization of losses is relatively easy, the quantification of these losses and the associated costs are not at all a simple task.

The ultrasonic detection kit is an ideal equipment for auditing and maintenance, especially where staff and time are limited.

Predictive maintenance, energy saving and a quality control program can prevent unexpected defects, stop production and process losses.
Such an evaluation provides a cheap and efficient method of monitoring critical equipment and losses.

The ultrasonic kit identifies losses in all vital areas of a production process.
Collected data is digitally recorded and capitalized in the preparation of the audit report or for further consultation.

Distribution of compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum
Mechanical gears
Bearings, pumps, distributors
Ventilation systems

Regular inspection, documentation and trend analysis are crucial in establishing an effective repair and maintenance program.

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