Republicii 198
Pitesti, Arges
Ion Ionescu de la Brad 65
Sector 1, Bucuresti
0700 000 000

Tire pressurization


CALYPSO car service – one of the first beneficiary of Parker technology generators on the Romanian market – made the qualitative leap to NitroFil®, the industrial nitrogen generator.

Located on the exit of the Pitesti city to Campulung, city belt area, CALYPSO is the largest auto vulcanization of the city, and is a well-known location for citizens.

With modern equipment for service and vulcanization, in 2008 CALYPSO integrated TruckTyreSaver nitrogen generator to inflate tires with nitrogen and then integrated a new TyreSaver3.0 generation.

Nitrogen pressurization became a requested service in recent years not only during change of tyre periods (spring / fall), the advantages of using nitrogen are now known and appreciated on the Romanian market.


CALYPSO is a company founded in 1991 by a passionate for aviation, sport aviation practitioner, on existing base that is nearby.

Rigor, attention to detail, performance, with courage and risk-taking traits are transmitted from the flight passion in what and how CALYPSO does everything daily – automotive service and vulcanizing, tires shop, wheels reconditioning services and other activities.

Thanks to the advantageous location, requests from customers – both cars and trucks in transit, and local people – have increased and were diversified over the years. Thus emerged the need to update service equipment for the new demands.

NitroFil® is a Parker technology nitrogen flagship, dedicated especially to industrial applications that are very technically demanding.
Consistent to the efforts made in order to benefit from the most modern and efficient equipment, CALYPSO did not hesitate in installing NitroFil® together with its testing.

Last generation equipment
Investments, risk taking
NitroFil generator


If the road takes you to this area, try the CALYPSO service and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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