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Low fuel consumption? Low wear?

“Azotul in anvelope este scump si nu justifica  pretul” – este cel mai frecvent mit despre presurizarea cu azot.

“In the US a normal car runs with deflated tires approx. 10-11%. This causes a fuel efficiency decrease by 3.3%, and a decrease of 18-20% of the life of the tire.”

NHTSA American agency – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Nitrogen is used for decades in Formula 1, NASCAR racing, military and aviation industry. The advancement of today’s technology makes production and use of nitrogen widespread possible, and now every consumer has access to these benefits.

The benefits are both for drivers and for all those engaged in automotive activities: dealers, vulcanization, service stations and automotive equipment retailers.


Safer traffic
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Correct inflation versus deflation

The difference between them is important when we consider the life of the tire and its performance.

As the pressure determinates the load capacity of the tire, a tire deflation is resulting in an overload.
This increases fuel consumption and slow handling.

Also mechanical forces from the rubber grow, it can overheat and explode.

Why use nitrogen in tires?
  • Traffic safety
    • longer constant pressure
    • reduced turnover temperature
    • without moisture and air contaminants
  •   Lower costs due to constant pressure
    • tires degrade less, wheels degrades more difficult
    • low CO2 emissions
    • low fuel consumption
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