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Plastics injection


On a hot summer day, nothing compares with the flavor of a fruit or refreshing drink from the refrigerator. The road to the comfort offered by a refrigerator is rather long and involves a lot of work and dedication from all those involved in making such equipment.

The comfort and the pleasure of using an appliance are found in details unseen by the eyes unused with such details, but they are felt by any user.

These details are being monitorised with the utmost care by those who make them, and their story begins from the suppliers of the refrigerator maker.
This is also the case for ARCTIC, which works with vendors who are committed to making plastic accessories in different sizes, weights and shapes.


The rapid response to the changing needs and lifestyles of current consumers implies flexibility and rapid reaction from manufacturers across the entire production chain.

Gas-injected plastics injection provides superior finishing quality, increased machining accuracy, increased strength and reduced raw material consumption.
Nitrogen is the gas used for gas injection because of its ability to evenly distribute the pressure inside the mold, resulting in a compact piece without manufacturing defects.

Identifying application features and capitalizing on opportunities is the key to successfully integrating a nitrogen generator.
The NitroFilĀ® nitrogen generator according to the application is a smaller investment in terms of industrial design. In the long run, it means profitability and efficiency.
For ARCTIC it is superior quality and concern to the needs of a modern, in a world of continuous movement.

Concern for modern needs
Technology adapted to the process

We, consumers, enjoy the care and attention to the details that make our life more beautiful and comfortable.

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