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Superior finishes at no extra cost?

Termosuflarea is the process by which a gas, typically nitrogen, is injected under a controlled pressure inside the molten polymer, after entering the termalblow mold. The gas follows the path of least resistance and therefore it flows in the sections with greater thickness, where the plastic is still molten.

Injected nitrogen thus forms empty channels, contained within the polymer, it completes the filling of the mold cavity with plastics and gas pressure applied to the polymer while it cools, solidify, and expand to compensate for the volumetric shrinkage of the plastic.

The gas is discharged before opening the mold and evacuating the finished product.

Nitrogen is an inert gas, dry, odorless and non-toxic. Its ability to enter into contact with the melt plastic at high temperatures without inducing oxidation makes it ideal for such applications.

Operational efficiency
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The purity of the nitrogen is determined based on the level of oxidation of various materials, at high temperatures, and the specific purities are varied.

Nitrogen is used to reinforce the ribs, eliminating surface defects. Helps to the evenly distribution of pressure within the mold, resulting in a more compact and more engaging piece.

What benefits do I have?
  • Continuously monitored process
  • Locally produced nitrogen, at variables purities
  • Continuous production – without interruption due to lack of nitrogen (like for cylinders or liquid nitrogen)
  • Controlled operating costs
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