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Laser sintering


Rapid prototyping to an existing design (3D geometric modeling) is made by LOM, FDM and SLS sintering systems.
Selective laser sintering is a manufacturing process in the free form of components by powders sintering.

Rapid prototyping technology helps identify any problems that may arise in the design & concept. With a prototype you can actually see when two surfaces come together properly or if joints are aligned properly.

In rapid prototyping manufacturing process, nitrogen is an important element to maintain an inert atmosphere in the sintering chamber and to prevent explosions of the large quantities of dust in the different materials (plastic, polystyrene, metal, ceramics).

Cranial reconstruction

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is equipped with Sinterstation 2000 DTM (SLS), a rapid prototyping manufacturing system.
It makes prototypes for both beneficiaries of industrial environment but also for humanitarian purposes – medical prostheses in case of accidents, especially skulls (as in the image above, of an injured child).

During the sintering process the University laboratory was using nitrogen bottles – difficult to handle hazardous situatins and economically inefficient.

Laboratory team sought alternative methods of supplying nitrogen and turned to Parker system – nitrogen generators being a simpler and more effective solution in all respects.
By installing Basic NitroFlow generator, the University laboratory gave up the nitrogen cylinders, that required valuable time for filling, and can now produce nitrogen at any time without interruptions.

Average cost savings
Continuous process without bottle risks
Lowest power consumption

When technology supports life, its contribution is invaluable.

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