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Protection for enclosures with low humidity!

Processing and storage of electronic equipment

The electronic boards, microprocessors and other components are sensitive to weather.

Inert atmosphere pressurized cabinets are widely used for storage of electronic components for testing or samples. This eliminates the potential degradation due to oxygen and water vapor in the atmosphere.

Rigid boxes

They are used in the pharmaceutical, electronic and nuclear operations that do not allow direct contact. Specific techniques for drug execution, the manufacture of nuclear fuel rods require dry atmosphere with low oxygen content.

Treatments under inert conditions

It prevents oxidation of the terminals in the manufacture of semi-conductor electronic components.

Metal, carbon fiber and Kevlar in autoclaves require low-oxygen atmosphere to prevent oxidation, regardless of temperature: resins harden quickly, evenly and without any air bubbles.

No contaminants
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Treatment of cereal crops

Because of low dew point, nitrogen is ideal for drying processes for cereal crops as well as through the ventilation in the furnace.

In addition, an inert atmosphere is not life-supporting for bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Destrction of bacteria and pests

Deposits of food, drink, grain, chemical tanks, archives and heritage room – pests and aerobic bacteria are eliminated by creating an inert atmosphere containing no oxygen.


What are the advantages?
  • The safety and protection of the processed and stored products
  • Continuously monitored process
  • Controlled operating costs
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