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Inerting optical equipment


IOR Bucuresti was founded in 1936 and is the only Romanian company with a tradition in the design and realization of opto-mechanical equipment.

Concerned about improving processing methods and offering high-quality products that retain their characteristics over time, the IOR has made major structural changes in recent years. The technological line has been renewed with modern processing centers and equipment has been brought to the standards of the present.

The acquisition and installation of a new generation Parker Nitrogen Generator is part of this modernization process.

The creation of inert conditions is suitable for a wide range of applications that aim at maintaining an atmosphere with low oxygen content and low humidity.


IOR company has installed a Nitroflow Basic Mobile LP nitrogen generator to inertize the gap between optical lenses to eliminate condensation.

Nitrogen is a dry gas, dew point at -40 degrees C and is excellently suited to this application.

Parker nitrogen generators produce nitrogen by separating them from compressed air on the principle of Parker’s permeable membranes: they are compact, efficient, have low energy consumption and require minimal maintenance.

The InertBox system offers the following advantages in the inertization process:

  • Provides a continuous source of nitrogen to variable purity and flow, with a flexible design adapted to the inertization process;
  • Provides protection and safety of products treated and stored in inert atmospheres;
  • Eliminates traditional nitrogen sources – dangerous and economically ineffective.
Continuous nitrogen source
Low energy consumption
Minimal maintenance
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