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Inerting hydraulic accumulators


KASTAMONU – producer in wood industry, in Reghin, uses nitrogen in bottles for the production process of wood door facets.

The manufacturing plant consists of hydraulic presses consisting of 9 ton hydraulic accumulators. These require a pressurized nitrogen pressure cushion (32 bar) to ensure uniform motion of the press cylinders as well as the required pressing force.
If compressed air was introduced instead of nitrogen, oxygen in the air would oxidize the fat in the oil, and at high temperatures there is a danger of inflammation.
This risk is eliminated by the use of nitrogen, as it prevents the degradation of substances.

Since the nitrogen in the batteries is not separated from the hydraulic oil, losses occur during the process, which the company compensates from an external source using nitrogen bottles. These have proven to be inefficient over time, with overall automation signaling loss of battery pressure (1 bar drop under working pressure), and an operator is always needed to compensate for this loss.


Before acquiring a nitrogen generator, the compensation was made daily to each hydraulic press, consuming a cylinder per compensation.
With NitroFilĀ®, nitrogen is permanently supplied by compressed air separation, keeping constant pressure throughout the process without the need for an operator.

Disadvantages of using nitrogen bottles:

  • They do not allow tracking of the press parameters – they vary during the day with the variation of the nitrogen pressure in the hydraulic accumulator and change after the nitrogen loss;
  • Difficult to handle and economically inefficient – creates logistical / supply problems and causes technological losses. The company was losing approx. 4.5 Eur per cylinder!
  • Availability – lack of a bottle means interruption of production;
  • Monitoring – requires permanent monitoring by staff.

NitroFilĀ® produces nitrogen at a pressure of 42 bar and compensates for the nitrogen losses in hydraulic accumulators during the press cycle via the command of the general automation.

Cost savings
Continuous production
Minimum maintenance

“Installing the Nitrogen Generator has made it possible to achieve uniform production and achieve a higher level of quality. It has brought us cost savings, and maintenance of such a facility is simple. “

Technical Director
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