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Recycling of used oils


September 2014 – United Nations Headquarters in New York hosted a multi-sensory light show for an emotional appeal to the people of the world on our planet’s ecosystems.

Actions on public awareness about environmental protection is carried out consistently worldwide.

Though limited in scope, such actions take place in Romania, increasing their visibility and impact every year. NGOs like Mai Mult Verde, Green Institute, StopCO2, Save Delta and others constantly promotes and conducts activities that aime to increase the importance of ecology in everyday life, especially a “Green Living” in order to take into account the nature and its limited resources.

The environment and his protection are the main preoccupations of any ecologist and values ??such as caring, devotion and responsibility define such people.

Once Romania joined the European Union, selective waste collection has become legally binding, and recycling has become an issue on the agenda of environmental organizations. But recycling is found in many other types. Apart from the one targeting the population waste, recycling targets also industrial consumption, where hazardous wastes are an important resource, when they are recovered.



Consistent with the values ??of ecology, supported by its founder, the company AS Oil Recycle is a pioneer in recycling hazardous waste, covering all stages of such a process: collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of waste oils and petroleum residues.

Being hazardous waste, law charges are strict in this area and Recycle Oil AS is among the first companies authorized for such activities.
The company is founded by an ambitious and daring entrepreneur Florin Gheorghe, member of the Green Institute and environmental campaigner – demonstrator at the local demonstrations Rosia Montana and at the protests against shale gas in Vama Veche.

His view reflects the same environmental values: sustainable development and sustainable services that harness resources and reintegrates them into the industrial circuit (oil shipped and recycled, and maintenance provided for use in the oil industry).

Environmental values, daring entrepreneur
Right technology

NitroFilĀ® generator integrated in the recycling process assures fractional reactor inerting (with nitrogen bubbling) and supports the safety of the process.

Maybe environmental values ??are present in the consciousness of many of us, but putting them into practice and support concrete actions does not characterize us all.
AS Petrol Recycle company approaches prove to us that the ideals promoted by worldwide organizations that support the environment can be achieved when there is will and commitment.

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