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Purge sintering furnaces


Among the first beneficiaries of the new NitroFil® generation include Nuclearelectrica, one of the largest electricity producers in Romania.
FCN Nuclear Fuel Factory – Nuclearelectrica sudsidiary- produce CANDU (Canadian Deuterium-Uranium) nuclear fuel necessary for operation of Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant reactors, the only of its kind in Romania.


FCN plant growth plans include increasing production capacity by doubling it, by 2014. The production process involves the use of uranium beams of various chemicals, including nitrogen.

The ovens in which the sintering process is carried out with hydrogen are periodically purged with nitrogen. Nitrogen is very necessary at this stage of production and provision must be made from an independent source, available anytime and in an amount sufficient to ensure a safe process.


Using liquid nitrogen in critical production processes involve dependence on external suppliers, the risk of running out of nitrogen in key moments and difficulties related to the supply of large quantities of nitrogen shortly.
Nuclearelectrica’s chosen alternative was to install a NitroFil® nitrogen generator – a system that is based on Parker technology for generating nitrogen.


NitroFil® system installed at the FCN plant is a customized solution with modular membrane, refrigeration dryer included in generator – a design that has enabled efficient systems, modular, with a reduced footprint.

Digital management system provides a fully automated process that allows constant monitoring, including remotely (Ethernet interface) and permanent record of the parameters (data-log), with the downloadable on PC option.

NitroFil® is a solution designed and developed to leverage existing resources in the FCN factory to ensure maximum output and 478 Nm3 / h.

Nuclearelectrica is the only company authorized to produce nuclear fuel in Romania.
Due to its strategic profile in the national economy, safety for nuclear security is the main concern in all its activities.
Safety and ease of use were also the objectives pursued in design and construction of the nitrogen generator installed at the FCN factory.

Modular membrane
Complete solution
Digital management system

Parker performance technologies embedded in NitroFil® generator supports Nuclearelectrica efforts to ensure nuclear safety.

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