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Inerting precursors explosive


Maxam Romania, local subsidiary of the MAXAM corporation – European leader in the production of explosives for civil and industrial use – use in manufacturing a highly explosive substance (MMA – monomethyl).
To eliminate the risk of fire in MMA storage tanks they are continuously inerted with nitrogen.

Creating an inert atmosphere above a combustible substance eliminates the risk of fire, making it possible to store and storage in chemical plants without risk of explosion. Also, MAXAM plant uses nitrogen directly into the production of explosives.


Faced with the need for continuous nitrogen for inerting and production, the company sought an alternative to nitrogen cylinders that it used.
Providing nitrogen from cylinders carries the risk of running out of nitrogen, of stopping the production to replace cylinders, providing special handling and storage.
Such a solution is not suitable to the high risk of an explosives plant. In addition, the supply of nitrogen from cylinders is an expensive solution which is reflected in production costs.

Following the evaluation of the specific conditions of the MAXAM factory, the solution adopted was a NitroFilĀ® system with Parker permeable membrane.
NitroFilĀ® localy generates nitrogen at variables purities, as needed in specific production process: the system is fully automated and allows continuous process monitoring and control of the nitrogen generation and supply.

Low maintenance
Automation and O2 monitoring

“The main strength of the nitrogen generator is low maintenance – just change the filters at a certain number of hours of operation. Other advantages are automation and continuous monitoring of the concentration of O2. We estimate that the benefits obtained by our company stands out in low power consumption and low maintenance costs.

We appreciate your experts services in this project: technical staff proved true knowledge in the field, explaining in detail the Parker membrane technology and operating principles.”

Production Director
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