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Inerting petroleum waste


Nitrogen applications in the oil and gas industry include inert products and petroleum waste.

Inerting is the process by which the free space between a stored substance and the tank lid is filled with an inert gas, usually nitrogen. This prevents substance degradation and most importantly the risk of fire is eliminated.

In this case, the inerting is done in a specially arranged warehouse where the residues from the oil processing are ecologized.

According to the legislation in force, all firms that process crude oil are obliged to clean and ecologize the batches with the waste resulted from the technological processes.

SYNECS Consulting – a petroleum company specializing in petroleum waste, has chosen to install a Parker nitrogen generator for the inertization process.


Nitrogen has the function of inerting the oil product that went through the waste recovery process and acts as a chemical reducer for gas in the process.

The Parker Nitrogen Generator designed for this application, according to the application’s specific flow and purity, is NitroFlow HP.

Parker nitrogen generators are compact, efficient, and operate continuously to provide the necessary nitrogen in the inerting process. They successfully replace traditional nitrogen sources – dangerous and ineffective by:

  • Cost savings on 50%* average
  • The continuous source of nitrogen
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Easy expansion with increasing production capacity
  • Typical amotisation in a year

* By comparison with nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen sources

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