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Granulator inertization


The Swiss company Sandoz, the second player on the generic drugs world market and third producer in Romania, chose the efficiency of Parker’s technology for the nitrogen used in Targu Mures factory.

On-site nitrogen generation is ideal for critical applications such as the pharmaceutical industry.
Inertisation with nitrogen of the pharmaceutical ingredients graining and the transfer under the pressure into the reactor ensures the elimination of the risk of oxidation and ignition of the powder.


Prior to the installation of the generator, Sandoz factory was using nitrogen bottles – an inefficient logistic solution, especially economic!
Sandoz application requirements led to the choice of NitroFil® system – the last generation of Parker generators with permeable membrane.

NitroFil® is a continuous source of nitrogen at varied purities and flow rates, depending on the pattern of consumption and purity necessary for the process. Ensures continuous monitoring of process production parameters and can be expanded easily with increasing consumption.
Based on permeable membrane technology with 10 years warranty, NitroFil® allows reduced mentenance, this being one of the key factors in choosing the generator.

Complete solution

By replacing the nitrogen cylinders hidden costs were removed  delays in production due to downtime required to supply nitrogen and uncontrollable price increases. NitroFil® nitrogen generator is always available in the required quantity!

Cost control is a constant in any company preoccupied by efficiency and profitability, and the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Sandoz solution is a proposal guaranteed by Parker’s technologie’s performance:  NitroFil® generator, storage tank, Legris dedicated connector for compressed air and nitrogen transport.

NitroFil® Nitrogen Generator
Storage Bottles
Full solution - air and nitrogen transport

SANDOZ efforts to reduce manufacturing costs and associated risks support improved production.

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