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Forget about the risk of fire!

Fire is a rapid oxidation reaction. For the generation of fire there are three ingredients needed: fuel material, heat and oxygen, the latter being the factor that can be controlled to prevent fire.

Creating an atmosphere with low oxygen content in the protected space provides the most reliable system for preventing fire because fire can not be lit!

A small fire or even a false alarm can mean disruption and even financial loss. The modern 24/7 need for production make these interruptions unacceptable.
Even one hour of unscheduled break can mean significant damage in company profits.

Server rooms, computer centers and telecommunications – are areas with a need for special protection. If an electronic component overheats, this may cause a rapid chain reaction.

It is essential that such a phenomenon is detected before a fire can destroy space. Even gases of combustion can damage sensitive electronic components and lead to a shutdown of the entire system.

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OxyLimit is an intelligent solution for fire prevention. It involves creating a controlled atmosphere of nitrogen protecting property and assets 24/7.
The system is effective because nitrogen is produced only when needed and not stored in pressurized tanks.

Ideal spaces:

  • IT areas, communication rooms
  • Archives and museums
  • Cold storage and freight
  • Mining enclosures
What benefits do I have?
  • Prevent fire, not only controling it (fighting systems)
  • Protective atmosphere prevents occurrence of fire
  • Do not waste time and money for reconstruction and replacement of equipment
  • Do not lose data and information on business and customer
  • Reduced costs with ensurance
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